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Pet Weight  Loss Centre

Launching April 2010







In addition to the boarding facilities we already offer, we are launching a new "Pet Weight Loss Centre".

In the last few years, we have noticed an ongoing and increasing amount of overweight pets, this is of grave concern for the future health and well being of these pets.

We will be offering a residential, rehabilitation programme for anyone concerned about their pet, this will be on a Veterinary referral basis.


What we offer:



Within the programme we will include,

Full and unconditional use of our "Fit Fur Life" pet treadmill, (usage based on your pets health and fitness levels of course).

Herbal supplements, where appropriate, to detox and "kickstart" your pets digestive system.

A personally designed feed regime, using either our high quality pet food or a Vet prescribed product.

A totally individual package, designed for your pet that will change at various stages of their stay to accomodate their increasing fitness and weightloss requirements.

Lots of TLC, this is not a "boot camp", more an aid to put pets (and their owners!), on the correct path for the future, with the knowledge that the care and attention we offer at Freyaleigh built the existing reputation we are proud to have achieved.

You have the security of knowing your Vet has approved your pet attending the programme.

Your Vet will be required to complete a Vet referral form prior to acceptance.

We ask that you weigh your pet the day before arrival at your Vets and provide proof of this for us.

At the end of your pets stay with us, you will be provided with a daily programme to continue with whilst at home, to include diet, exercise plus other requirements we feel necessary.



Why choose us:


Because we care about your pets and love what we do!

We have experience, dedication and willpower!

As mentioned above, this is not a boot camp, nor a punishment for your pet.

Instead, it is a new way of looking at your pets long term health and happiness.

A fit and healthy dog is a happy dog!

Most owners find it very difficult to say No!

When it comes to treats, leftovers and extra feeds, do you have the willpower to say no?

Perhaps the kids indulge them when you’re not looking?

By supplying your pet with a high quality (low calorie) diet, increasing exercise (gradually) but still having lots of fun doing so, your dog will love his stay with us and come home a sleeker, healthier, fitter and happier pet, ready for you to continue the good work.

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